For project leaders and artists:

Your solution for large prints

Prototype and sculpture projects struggle at sizes above 20 cm. Skip the expensive and limiting milling or molding process - and go straight 3D

Here you get:

  • Personal guidance and collaboration
  • Pricing for big objects that's safely within your budget
  • Ask us today for manufacturing from 1 kg to 40+ kg

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Contact Jeppe Ibsen directly now

M.Sc. engineer from Aarhus university

All types of inquiries are welcome.

No matter where in your process you are.

You'll get a response as fast as possible, and always the same day.

Files and pictures are shared afterwards.

We say Yes when asked "Can you also.."

  • Draw and 3D-print, even though I don't have a 3D-file now?
  • Create big objects above 1,5 m?

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The modern way to have prototypes and sculptures made

With large-format 3D printing technology big objects can be made efficiently

A flow test tube for a danish laboratory

3D printed and painted

Organic furniture for clothing stores

3D printed in white

Custom seat prop for a movie set

3D printed in black

After sanding and paiting

If you don't have a 3D file yet

Get help with drawing, thickness, and file format.

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Examples of customer end-results

An outdoor sculpture by Ole Tersløse

3D printed and painted

Bird sculptures, hanging from the ceiling in a hotel lobby

3D printed and painted

Complex shapes are easily made with 3D printing

A museum model of a protein

3D printed in white

An abstract totem sculpture, weighing more than 40 kg

3D printed in grey

Testimonials from our customers


"My art has always been shown as flat 2D-printed pictures. With aniso's great service and our close collaboration, I've been able to bring my art to life in full 3D"

Ole Tersløse

Danish Artist


"Aniso's 3D print service is a strong tool to have available, as it strengthens our customer specific solutions."

Søren Ravn

Sjølund Profile bending

Your large part can be made in our 3D print process

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